The Operations Division is made up of the men and women who respond to the City's emergency calls. We have five stations within the city that are geographically placed so we can get to any emergency quickly. Along with structure fires and emergency medical calls, we respond to any emergency threatening life, property or the environment. We are an all risk Fire Department meaning we are well trained and available to respond to any call type.

What We Do

Structure Fire

Fire Suppression

One of our main responsibilities is fire suppression. NFD responds to all fires within the city limits and will provide mutual aid when called upon. Once the fire is extinguished, we are here for you to help with those first steps towards recovery.


Emergency Medical

Since 1978 the Napa Fire Department has been the primary ALS (advanced life support) provider within city limits. Every front line apparatus is staffed with at least one paramedic 24/7 assuring prompt ALS care. 

Engine 4 in foreground of Wildfire


Our firefighters are well trained in the Wildland arena and will respond both within the city of Napa and as mutual aid to wild fires throughout the State and Nation.



The Napa Fire Department has three HazMat specialists ensuring one is on duty at all times. They are part of the County wide HazMat team (NIHIT) and will work to mitigate any HazMat incident.

Technical Rescue

Technical Rescue

Rope rescue, confined space, trench rescue, interior/exterior shoring, these are just some of the disciplines our firefighters are trained in. We are part of the County's Rescue Team (NIRT).

Water Rescue

Water Rescue Team

We have three boats available 24/7 with trained personnel to staff them in the event of any incident involving the water. We are equipped to handle any swift water rescue.

  1. Reserves
  2. Explorers

The Napa Fire Department Reserve Program consists of individuals who act as firefighters on a part time basis. Our Reserves are trained just as our full time staff and are considered an equal member of the crew. Our Reserves are typically hired with the goal of making them full time, career firefighters within two years; be it with Napa or another agency. Once their initial training is completed, Reserves are able to, and expected to, perform all tasks our full time firefighters are responsible for. Reserves are required to work two 12 hour shifts a month and attend two additional trainings each month. For more information on our Reserve Program please contact Battalion Chief Jim Cortese at [email protected]. To stay up to date with upcoming hiring processes please fill out an interest card. Thank you in advance for your interest in our Reserve Program.

  1. Zach Curren

    Operations Division Chief

  1. Jason Berens

    Administrative Battalion Chief

  1. Christopher Gilbert

    EMS Captain

  1. Albert Burgess

    Training Officer