Park Planning Documents

Policy & Programming Guiding Principles

Over 2023, the City developed three Department Policies that support updated guiding principles and recommendations included as part of the 2040 General Plan Update (GPU), the City’s long-term guiding document for future development. These principles and recommendations from the GPU are based on historic growth and management of community infrastructure and services, the City’s current state as a result of these past development and management practices, and a forecasted direction to address community needs in a sustainable manner. These Department Policies are organized in three key channels, linked below.

As a result of these Department Policies, the City developed the 2023 Parks Infrastructure Program (PIP) Report. This report was based on a comprehensive conditions assessment of the City’s parks system to develop a program that would document and analyze current and future infrastructure needs, desired levels of service, and financial needs to sustain the delivery of park services for the community. A systematic assessment of priorities will help ensure that funds for capital, operations, and maintenance are adequate and targeted to address key needs.

The condition data for the PIP Report was collected on a 1 through 5 scale and included a variety of infrastructure types found throughout the City’s parks system, including park amenities, park paths, park structures, parking lots, picnic areas, playgrounds, signage, sports fields/courts, ballfield lighting, turf and turf irrigation systems. The scores were based on the method of improvement to maintain level of service for the infrastructure type. If an infrastructure's condition is "1-Failed" or "2-Poor", the current condition of the infrastructure is recommended to be improved through capital replacement. If the score was a "3-Fair", "4-Good", or "5-Excellent", the current condition of the infrastructure could be improved through operating maintenance, as needed. The final program is linked below.

Historical Planning Documents

Park and Facilities Master Plan (2010)

The Park and Facilities Master Plan provides a road map for providing high quality parks and recreation facilities for residents and visitors to the City of Napa. This plan includes a detailed examination of existing park sites and recreation facilities, providing the basis for an in-depth community discussion and analysis of the needs and priorities of park users. The community involvement in the planning process has built momentum and support for parks and recreation services as a key factor in Napa’s quality of life. The resulting recommendations lay out a path to a first-class park and recreation system that realizes the personal, community, economic and environmental benefits of parks and recreation. Recognizing that this path will not be straight or short, the plan provides tools to guide decision making and project implementation over the next fifteen years and beyond.

Park Specific Master Plans

  • John F. Kennedy Park Master Plan (2015)
    • The 2010 Citywide Parks and Facilities Master plan identified John F. Kennedy Park as a signature recreational facility and recommended an individual site master plan to consider additional amenities for the park as a first phase project. The updated site master plan was not intended to redesign the entire park but enhance existing spaces and modify areas to meet the needs of the community. 
    • The master plan is a tool that can be utilized for discussions on budgets, funding and phasing. Strategies for implementation include phasing that correlates with use zones as outlined in the master plan. By phasing implementation, improvements can be performed as funding becomes available.  A variety of funding strategies are recommended including approaches such as self-sustaining sports facilities that generate revenue as well as targeting non-traditional grant funds. 
  • Garfield Park Master Plan (2018)
    • Garfield Park is situated on approximately 14.4 acres in northeast Napa and is home to the Napa Little League complex, a playground, and approximately 6 acres of undeveloped open space. Garfield Park provides neighborhood residents with access to open space while also serving as an essential facility for many of the community’s youth baseball leagues.
    • The Master Plan for Garfield Park was presented to City Council for acceptance at their evening session (beginning at 6:30 pm) on October 16, 2018 in Napa City Hall Council Chambers. The City Council Meeting was open to the public and interested parties were encouraged to attend and provide input..
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