Manufacturing Day

Napa Needs Manufacturing, and 
Manufacturing Needs Napa.

On October 5, 2018 the City of Napa joins the Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Initiative to highlight the manufacturing industry and celebrate local manufacturers as part of "Manufacturing Day" #NapaMfg #MFGDAY #MadeInNapa 

The goal of manufacturing day is to:

  • highlight the strength, diversity, and versatility of manufacturing;
  • encourage sector-specific, regional connections; and
  • galvanize government and non-government organizations, education partners, and the private sector with the aim of growing the manufacturing industry.

By promoting and spotlighting our local manufacturers the City highlights their importance and applauds their contribution to the local economy. To learn more about how important manufacturing is to Napa, be sure to view this infographic and check out the other interesting information below.

  1. Manufacturing Day Video
  2. Statistics
  3. Our Manufacturers
  4. Our Manufacturing History