Our Need for a New Civic Center

The City of Napa’s facilities for public safety and general administration are currently spread across many City-owned and leased buildings. These buildings are over 50 years old and in need of upgrades and expansion to accommodate the City’s operational needs and meet modern building codes. Some of the buildings are aging, noncompliant with current regulations, ill-suited to City functions, and in need of significant rehabilitation. This compromises functional and energy efficiency—and the mounting costs to operate, repair, and maintain these facilities is a growing concern and public expense.

In addition, the public safety building—where Fire Administration, Police Department, 9-1-1 Dispatch, and the Emergency Operations Center operate—does not meet current California Essential Services Act standards for seismic safety. Although it survived the 2014 earthquake, the building sustained significant damage and does not meet standards to make sure it will be fully functional in the event of another quake, and the City needs an Emergency Operations Center able to react to future disasters. In addition to significant renovation and modernization to continue to provide critical services to the community, additional space is needed to address the operational needs of the Public Safety forces.