Accessory Dwelling Units

The ADU Center of Napa and Sonoma County provides homeowners who are interested in accessory dwelling units (ADUs) with tools and resources including an ADU Workbook, ADU Calculator, and spotlights of Napa and Sonoma County homeowners who have built ADUs.

  1. Norm Boeger

    Senior Building Inspector

  2. Vincent Caballero

    Building Inspector II

  3. Bill Collins

    Building Plans Examiner

  4. Terri Ritchie

    Permit Technician

  5. Anthony Vergara

    Building Inspector I

  6. Sophia Valenti

    Permit Technician

  7. Jason Williams

    Chief Building Official

  8. Julia Corpus

    Office Assistant I

  9. Inspection Line

    Phone: 707-257-1063 (Automated)