Current Water Projects

Hillcrest and Silverado Highlands Pump Stations Replacement Project

The City of Napa is replacing two potable water pump stations that were destroyed in the 2017 Atlas Fire. Construction runs from August 2020 until early 2021. Contact Doug De Master via email or phone 707-257-9521.
Project Summary and Updates (PDF)
Planned Interruption of Service Notice 9/17-18 (PDF)

Upper Alta Heights Water System Improvements Project

The Upper Alta Heights Water System Improvements Project (PDF) involves water tank and pump station improvements which primarily impact water customers at 527-707 Montecito Blvd., 262-286 Monte Vista Drive, Monte Vista Court, and 75-81 El Cortez Drive. Contact Doug De Master via email or phone 707-257-9341.

Conn Dam Water Spillway Repairs - Phase II

In November 2018, the City addressed damage requiring immediate repair to Conn Dam Spillway (Phase I). The work performed under Phase I involved the repair of edge spalling and crack sealing and was completed in December 2018. The repairs completed as part of Phase I withstood subsequent heavy winter rains, prompting the City to continue with the Phase II evaluation and repairs.

In January 2020, the City entered into an agreement with GEI Consultants to perform the Phase II evaluation of the Spillway. Phase II will involve subsurface exploration of the Spillway and will be used to guide the necessary maintenance related repairs to ensure the Spillway continues to perform as designed and intended.