Resources for Permit Holders

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  1. • Annual Life Safety Inspection
  2. • Annual Property Owner Notifications
  3. • Payment of Annual Program Fee

Life Safety Inspections are performed each year, typically in February-April, for all licensed Vacation Rentals. Inspections are also performed for Non-Hosted Transfers and new Hosted Permits on an as-needed basis during the application review process.

  • Scheduling – Permit Holders are notified in January of each year with instructions for scheduling their Life Safety Inspection through the Fire Division.
  • Prior to Inspection – Review the revised Life Safety Self-Inspection Form. Please review the document and address any deficient items prior to your scheduled appointment. Although the document is not an exhaustive list of all life safety issues, it does provide a general overview of the main items the Fire Department will be reviewing.
  • During the Inspection – Please be prepared to provide the Fire Department with access to all parts of the property at your scheduled time. Owners are not required to be on-site during the inspection, but an authorized agent must be present during the entire inspection that will be able to receive feedback from the Fire Inspector.
  • After the Inspection – Once your property has completed its inspection, the Fire Department will provide you with a copy of your inspection form. Properties with deficient items must address those issues in a timely manner and schedule an appointment with the Fire Department for a re-inspection. There is no need to forward this form to the Planning Division.
  • Billing – Inspections are billed in 30-minute increments for each inspection required. You will receive a bill with payment instructions from the Finance Department the month following your inspection. There is no need to forward proof of payment to the Planning Division.
  1. Michael Walker, AICP

    Senior Planner