Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development is central to supporting our businesses, spurring development, and improving the quality of life for our residents. Our mission is to create community-driven solutions for city-wide prosperity.

Our team is committed to facilitating developer opportunities, business attraction, retention, and expansion. We are here to help you, for example:

  • Access resources for your business in Napa
  • Attain information about the City of Napa and why it's a great place to do business
  • Find suitable real estate sites and take advantage of various developer incentives

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2019 City of Napa Economic Development Action Strategy: This report was prepared by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and commissioned by the City of Napa Economic Development Division. The document provides data-driven analysis for an updated economic development strategy that attracts new businesses and developers, prioritizes local production, and creates spaces for innovation in Napa. The report guides the Economic Development Division’s activities and also feeds into the update of the City’s General Plan. 

Based on the Action Strategy Report, the Economic Development team has established key focus areas to drive our work, take advantage of Napa’s amazing assets, and create opportunities for businesses, workforce, developers, and investors.  

  • Support Small Businesses: Develop policies and programs to improve our business climate and experiences for our small business community 
  • Increase Diversification and Resiliency: Strengthen key industry clusters in Napa such as food and wine production and healthcare and attract emerging sectors to take advantage of Napa’s opportunities and build resiliency in our economy.  
  • Cultivate Place Making and Branding: Promote quality infrastructure and develop cultural programs to make Napa more sustainable, walkable, and equitable for our community.
  • Partner and Cooperate: Boost partnerships in economic development activities locally, regionally, and beyond to advance our work