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Posted on: January 25, 2024

City of Napa Prioritizes Public Infrastructure in 2023 with Improvements to Our Streets & Sidewalk

Public Infrastructure Improvements

The City of Napa has made steady progress in its ongoing efforts to enhance public infrastructure through a series of projects to improve our streets and sidewalks in 2023. As the paving season nears its end, the City is excited to share an update on completed projects and upcoming initiatives.

"Investing in our public infrastructure is a key way that we invest in the future of our community,” said Napa City Manager Steve Potter. “These paving projects not only improve the aesthetics of our city but also enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”

Improving our streets involves more than just paving and asphalt. They require intricate planning and coordination involving sidewalks, curbs, gutters, trees and utilities managed by entities such as PG&E, Napa Sanitation District, Caltrans, and the City's own water and storm drain system.  Many projects also include implementing key aspects of the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian plans, keeping all users of the right of way in mind. Public Works staff labor diligently to provide professional, cost-effective services that support and enhance quality of life for the Napa community. 

In early 2023, the City of Napa recognized public infrastructure as a Council Priority, acknowledging its essential role in shaping and sustaining the community. Since then, the City’s Public Works team has completed a variety of projects to improve the condition of City streets and the safety of all road users.

Key 2023 Projects

Jefferson and Freeway Dr Rehabilitations
These projects feature the first Class 2 buffered bike lanes in the City. Buffered bike lanes are distinguished by up to 2-to-3-feet wide buffer zones that are painted between vehicle traffic and the bike lane areas.  The buffers were able to be accommodated by narrowing the vehicle travel lanes, a move that has proven to lower vehicle speeds, demonstrating the City's commitment to creating a safer, more accessible urban environment. Both rehabilitation projects also included pavement improvements using rubber asphalt pavement — a type of sound-reducing pavement which uses environmentally-friendly recycled rubber. These additional measures meet another key Council Priority: Climate Action & Sustainability.

Neighborhood Paving
In 2009, the City of Napa Public Works Department launched a new program with the goal of restoring failed pavement, concrete and striping on residential streets using in-house equipment and City crews. This program prioritizes ADA accessibility, installing or updating concrete ramps, and safer curbs and gutters. While progress since the COVID-19 pandemic has proved challenging due to the specialized skills needed for this work and staffing shortages, the program remains a high priority for the City. This past year, work was completed on Waverly Street and in South Franklin neighborhood, including paving along segments of Brown Street, Elm Street, Randolph Street, Ash Street, Cinnamond Street, S Seminary Street, Sherwood Circle, Gordon Drive, Balboa Way, Marina Drive, Cabot Way, Main Street, Adrian Street, and Waverly Street. Concrete work was completed in the Stonehouse neighborhood with paving to follow throughout 2024. This concrete work included segments along Alice Street, Paul Street, Louisa Street, Central Ave, Cunard Drive, Costa Drive, Matson Drive, Beach Street, Rio Vista Drive, Edgewater Drive, Lakepark Drive, Stonehouse Drive, Stonehouse Court, and Shoreline Drive. Concrete began in the Twin Oaks East Neighborhood along Town Oaks Drive, Boulder Creek Court, and Mountain View Circle. The Neighborhood Streets and Sidewalks Map outlines the City’s goals for implementation through July 2028. 

New Flashing Beacons along Vine Trail and at Vintage High School and Pueblo Vista Elementary School
The City also began construction on new flashing beacons along the Vine Trail, expected to be completed early next year. These flashing beacons will be placed at key pedestrian crossings and include high-visibility crosswalks to increase pedestrian safety. Locations include California Blvd., Pueblo Ave., Yajome St., Jackson St. and Vallejo St. Crossings near Vintage High School and Pueblo Vista Elementary are also receiving the beacons. Grant funding was leveraged to complete the Vine Trail crossing improvements.

Other 2023 projects included the Kennedy Park Pathways, State Route 29 Bicycle and Pedestrian Undercrossing and pedestrian improvements at McPherson Elementary School.

Upcoming Projects

Public Works staff are currently designing projects for the 2024 construction season. The Salvador Avenue Complete Streets project is one such project and will include pavement work, improved pedestrian connectivity, striping upgrades, and traffic calming measures between By-Way East and Jefferson Street. Laurel Street Phase I, (Browns Valley Road to Griggs) is also scheduled to begin construction next year and will similarly include pavement resurfacing, new striping, sidewalk improvements, and new crosswalks with flashing beacons.  

Browns Valley Road will be repaired from Westview to Freeway Drive. In addition to pavement resurfacing, new flashing beacons, updated signs and striping, and ADA accessibility improvements, the stretch of road is being programmed for the City’s first Class IV bike lanes.  Class IV bike lanes exist where some type of vertical separation (vehicle parking, in the case of Browns Valley Road) exists between the bike lane and the vehicle travel lane. 

Preventive maintenance through seal coat treatments is scheduled for several streets in the Joseph and Browns Valley South neighborhoods next year as well. These neighborhoods are part of the City’s program to repair sidewalks and streets throughout the City. The Joseph Neighborhood includes Grant, Norton, Alice, Lathrop, Carriage, Jacob, Joseph, Coolidge, and Beecham Streets. The Browns Valley Road South area includes Reno, Dezerai, McCormick, and Woodlawn Streets. A portion of Brown Street and Stonehouse Drive will also be included.  

Future Projects (FY 25/26 and Beyond)

  • Westwood Neighborhood Rehabilitation Interior Streets
  • Laurel Street Rehab Phase 2 (from Griggs Lane to Freeway Drive)
  • Coombs Street Rehabilitation (Imola to 5th Street)
  • Big Ranch Road Widening
  • Trower Avenue Widening
  • Browns Valley Road Phase 2 (Westview to Buhman)
  • Coombsville Road (two phases)
  • Lincoln Avenue Rehabilitation
  • 5-Way Intersection Improvements (Silverado Trail/East Ave/ Coombsville/Third St)

The Public Works team continues to conduct thorough condition assessments and anticipate future infrastructure needs. To maximize impact and ensure an efficient use of resources, Public Works is actively engaged in identifying and analyzing the current inventory of assets. In addition to planned construction projects aimed at infrastructure improvements, these efforts include the development of comprehensive reports and master plans.

"The complexities of paving projects require careful planning and coordination,” said Napa Public Works Director Julie Lucido. “We are proud of our team's dedication to creating a more sustainable and accessible urban environment for the City of Napa.”

Road maintenance is more than just asphalt. By maintaining streets through concrete repairs, striping, and compliance with ADA requirements, the City ensures the longevity and safety of its roadways. Residents and stakeholders can track the progress of these projects through the City's Project Map, which offers a comprehensive overview of the ongoing initiatives and future plans.

For more information on the City's paving projects and infrastructure initiatives, visit

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