What is the benefit to me? What is the benefit to the community?

The Single-use Bag Reduction Ordinance will result in less litter, which is important, not just for environmental reasons, but also because our community receives a significant economic return as a result of its preservation of natural resources and beautiful surroundings. In addition, reducing plastic bags provide less risk of increased trash bills due to equipment breakdowns, less plastic contamination in the food supply, less threat and damage to local wildlife and waterways, and serves as a good lesson for all of us on conserving resources.

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1. What is the City of Napa’s definition of a single-use plastic bag?
2. Isn’t there a law that requires me to put alcoholic beverages into a carryout bag?
3. What other communities regulate plastic bags?
4. What damage do plastic bags cause?
5. What about recycling? Isn’t that a better solution?
6. How will I carry my groceries home? I need those free bags.
7. What is the benefit to me? What is the benefit to the community?
8. Why is there a 10-cent fee on recycled paper carryout bags? Is it a tax?
9. What types of retail establishments are required to charge 10 cents for each recycled paper bag?
10. I use plastic bags to pick up my pet’s waste. What will I use instead?
11. Do bag bans really work?