Who will be affected? What locations?

The City’s overall water system has been divided into three (3) flushing areas, therefore over a three (3) year period the whole system will have been flushed and the cycle will start over again. This year, we are conducting hydrant flushing in Pressure Zone 3 as shown on the map: Full City Flushing Area (PDF). Areas not included in this year’s program will be flushed in the winters of 2024-25 or 2025-26.

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1. Why is hydrant flushing necessary?
2. What is "unidirectional" flushing?
3. Who will be affected? What locations?
4. What impacts will residents and businesses see during the flushing?
5. What is the City doing to minimize the impacts?
6. Isn't this a waste of water?
7. Why don't we just capture the water and reuse it?
8. Are we polluting the river with the runoff?
9. If we have any additional questions, who do we call?