Who is responsible for dealing with homeless?

The Napa Police Department works to build a rapport with clients while introducing them to the many services available in Napa County. The police work as advocates, case managers, and housing counselors to help clients find the services that will lead to long-term stable housing. This effort strengthens the community by giving those in need a hand up while working to reduce non-emergency calls to vital law enforcement and fire services in Napa County. Brandon Gardner, Napa Police Department’s homeless outreach specialist, leads the efforts within the City of Napa.

Additionally, Napa County Health & Human Services contracts with Abode Services to provide emergency shelter and outreach services, as well as manage several housing programs for residents of Napa County experiencing homelessness. Their services include emergency assistance, referral to community support services, and connection to housing interventions and landlord engagement and support. In Napa, Adobe has an outreach team of five, who are regularly out in the community proactively connecting homeless to services. Founded in Alameda County in 1989, Abode Services expanded to serve Alameda, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Napa counties.

Napa Police Department Outreach and Adobe Services are part of a multi-agency continuum-of-care team increasing collaboration among service providers to assist homeless clients en route to self-sufficiency. 

Coming soon: List of partner agencies.

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1. What is the City of Napa doing about homelessness?
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3. Who is responsible for dealing with homeless?
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