Where does my trash, recycling and composting go now?

All trash (aka “garbage” or “municipal solid waste”) in grey carts (residential) collected by NRWS is delivered to the Devlin Road Transfer Station (DRTS) at 889 Devlin Road, American Canyon, CA 94503. Currently, Municipal Solid Waste received at the DRTS is consolidated into long-haul transfer vehicles that then transport the waste material for disposal at the Potrero Hills Landfill at 3675 Potrero Hill Lane, Suisun City, CA 94585. 

All recyclable and compostable materials in blue and brown carts (residential) collected by NRWS are delivered to the City of Napa’s Materials Diversion Facility (also known as “MDF” or “Napa Recycling & Composting Facility”) at 820 Levitin Way, American Canyon, CA  94503. Recyclable and Compostable materials are processed at the City of Napa’s MDF with sorted and/or processed finished materials sold by NRWS and unrecyclable/uncompostable “residue” (about 8-9% of all inbound tonnage received at the MDF) going to the DRTS for landfill disposal.

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7. Where does my trash, recycling and composting go now?
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