Will PG&E planned power outages affect my water service?

Under normal circumstances a power outage will not affect your water service. Your water system is staffed as a 24/7 operation and we have procedures in place to respond as needed to keep the water flowing during blackouts. Approximately 90% of our system is fed via gravity from the treatment plants. Our two major treatment plants are outfitted with automatic transfer switches that transition to generator power.

For the 10% of our service area in the hillsides (Browns Valley, Congress Valley, Canterbury Drive, Alta Heights, Silverado Highlands, Old Coach Road, Syar Drive) as shown in orange on the Water System Pump Zones Map (PDF), we have emergency generators ready to connect in order to keep pump stations pumping, tanks filled, and customers with water.

As always, if you experience an interruption in service we want to know about it so we can ensure a rapid response. If after hours, call our non-emergency dispatch 253-4451.

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