What is the new law on flavored tobacco products?

On October 20, 2020, the Napa City Council adopted Ordinance O2020-011 prohibiting the sale of flavored tobacco products within the City of Napa limits, with certain exceptions. The new law coincides with State regulation changes effective January 1, 2021 resulting from the adoption of SB 793.

Retailers are now prohibited from the sale or distribution of any flavored tobacco products and flavored cigarettes, including menthol cigarettes. Certain exceptions are allowed for premium cigars, loose leaf tobacco, and hookah products. 

This law affects only retailers – not the use or possession of these products by individuals.

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1. What is the new law on flavored tobacco products?
2. When does the flavored tobacco products sales prohibition go into effect?
3. Why is the City of Napa enacting this ban?
4. Why are flavored tobacco products, including flavored cigarettes, a public health concern?
5. How are “tobacco product” and “characterizing flavor” defined in the law?
6. What is a flavored tobacco product?
7. Which flavored products fall into the exemption category?
8. How will this new law be enforced?
9. Where can I go for more information on this new ordinance?