How will the City notify the public about redistricting?

The City will conduct a robust public messaging program and implement a community outreach plan that will reach out to local media outlets and members of the public to publicize the redistricting process via social media engagement, Napa News Weekly, press releases, public notices posted at City facilities, advertisements on Napa Valley TV Channel 28, Napa Valley Register newspaper, Napa Valley Unified School District parent newsletter, and the City’s dedicated webpage. Also, we will make a good faith effort to notify community groups of various kinds about the redistricting process. Our public hearings and community workshops will be provided in applicable languages if residents submit a request in advance. The City Clerk’s Office will also hold pop-up events at widely attended community events such as the Farmer’s Market in order to help spread the word. 

The City will notify the public about redistricting hearings and community workshops, post maps online before adoption, and create a dedicated webpage for all relevant information about the redistricting process. Please continue to check this website for more information and resources.

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