Who is served by the City of Napa Water System?

The City of Napa serves drinking water to a population of more than 85,000. The vast majority of customers are located within the City's Rural Urban Limit (RUL), but the City does serve water outside the RUL to customers in the Monticello Road/Silverado Resort community, in the independent Congress Valley Water District, and along the Conn Transmission Main (Highway 29). Water connections outside City limits are strictly governed by Policy Resolution 7 and Charter Section 180.

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1. Where does Napa's water come from?
2. Who is served by the City of Napa Water System?
3. What are the major components of the Water System?
4. How much water is used by City of Napa customers?
5. How do I establish water service?
6. How much does the water cost?
7. How can I pay my bill?
8. When do you read my meter? Can I read the meter myself?
9. Why do I need a backflow prevention device?
10. Will PG&E planned power outages affect my water service?
11. How do I report a leak?
12. If I have a leak, who is responsible for repairing it?
13. How do I get my water turned off so I can make repairs to my plumbing or irrigation?
14. How do I report a water quality concern?
15. Why does my water look dirty, have an odd color, or have particles in it?
16. Why does my water have a strange taste or odor?
17. Does the City add fluoride to the drinking water?
18. What is the water hardness?