When do you read my meter? Can I read the meter myself?

A City service worker reads your meter every two months. Previous/Current read dates listed on your bill show the time period covered by your billed usage. Meters are read only to the thousands place, as the City bills in 1,000-gallon units.

In most cases, your meter is located close to the street just behind the curb in front of your property. It is in a ground level concrete box with a concrete lid. You can remove the lid by inserting a large screwdriver in the hole in the lid and lifting carefully. Simply read across the numbers on the meter. The far right place is fixed at zero, so the reading will be to the tens place. Single gallons can be read using the pointer on the dial. Being able to read your own water meter is a great way to track your consumption, check for leaks, and conserve this precious resource.

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