You asked me to use less water in 2022 so why are my rates going up?

Customers that use lower quantities of water still pay less than customers who use higher quantities of water. Although water use is lower, the cost of providing reliable water service includes mostly fixed costs that don’t vary commensurate with the reduced quantity of water sold.  Many water agencies are now including a drought surcharge to make up the difference in actual costs versus sales revenue during drought years.  Napa did not implement a drought surcharge. Rates need to be adjusted to cover operating costs and continue investments in infrastructure.

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1. Why do water rates need to be raised?
2. What would happen if we didn't raise the rates?
3. Why is a service charge included on my bill?
4. Why don't multi-family, commercial, and irrigation customers have tiered rates like single-family residential?
5. Why does the City bill for water every two months instead of monthly like most of my other bills?
6. Why is $8 million needed per year for Capital Improvements?
7. Why doesn't new development pay for capital improvements?
8. What are the major costs to operate the water system?
9. Does a water customer in Napa pay more or less than similar customers in neighboring communities?
10. You asked me to use less water in 2022 so why are my rates going up?