What is the fiscal challenge facing the City of Napa?

Our city, like many others, faces future funding challenges that could impact the quality of life for residents and local businesses. Recent financial modeling shows that the City of Napa’s forecasted expenditures will exceed the “most likely” revenue levels within three years and this projected deficit would result in the City falling behind current service levels. It’s important to note that this is based on a status-quo forecast of expenditures and does not include any staffing increases, new or expanded programs, nor any funding to replace failing facilities that house emergency safety services and city employees.

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1. What is the fiscal challenge facing the City of Napa?
2. What is the City of Napa considering to address this challenge?
3. What is the potential ballot measure being considered by the City Council?
4. How much money could this potential sales tax measure raise?
5. Has the City explored other funding options besides a sales tax?
6. If passed, how would the funds from the sales tax measure be used?
7. Are there any safeguards that the revenue will be spent on these City services and projects?
8. Is this already on the ballot? What are the next steps?