Is this already on the ballot? What are the next steps?

No. The City is in the beginning stages of discussing this potential measure with stakeholders both within city government and the greater community. The City Council will be briefed on the polling results in a public meeting in January 2024 and if direction is given to continue pursuing a possible measure then staff and consultants will embark on a 5-month community information and discussion effort to receive input and answer questions. The deadline for the Council to vote to place the measure on the ballot in a public meeting would be June 2024.

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1. What is the fiscal challenge facing the City of Napa?
2. What is the City of Napa considering to address this challenge?
3. What is the potential ballot measure being considered by the City Council?
4. How much money could this potential sales tax measure raise?
5. Has the City explored other funding options besides a sales tax?
6. If passed, how would the funds from the sales tax measure be used?
7. Are there any safeguards that the revenue will be spent on these City services and projects?
8. Is this already on the ballot? What are the next steps?