How does my evicting a Section 8 tenant help me?

Evicting a Section 8 tenant can help you in several ways. Families get the message when owners display no tolerance for serious or repeated violations of the lease. They want to keep their Section 8 assistance and not place it in jeopardy.

When tenants learn by your actions that you do enforce your leases, and are not reticent to go through eviction if needed, they have a greater incentive to abide by the terms of the lease.

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1. I have never had to evict a Section 8 tenant before. What steps do I need to take?
2. What grounds can I use for evicting my Section 8 tenant?
3. I was intending to evict my Section 8 tenant but before I could do so the tenant moved out. No written notice of intent to vacate was served by the tenant. When will the HA cancel the contract?
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6. How does my evicting a Section 8 tenant help me?