What is the best way to help the homeless?

The City encourages residents to respond to panhandlers with a respectful but firm “No.” All of our partner organizations as well as law enforcement concur that giving money to panhandlers does more harm than good and may support illegal activity, including drug use, while also encouraging more panhandling. Responsible options for generosity include volunteering with or donating to any of the local organizations that work to solve homelessness in our community. The best way to help is to connect individuals with resources in the community. If you see someone who is homeless and you want to help, refer them to Abode Services at 707-271-7818 – don’t call 9-1-1.

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1. What is the City of Napa doing about homelessness?
2. How do we do this?
3. Who is responsible for dealing with homeless?
4. Why are there so many homeless people in the City now?
5. When should I call the police?
6. What if someone is endangering another person or appears to be in immediate danger or suffering a mental health crisis (seems very disoriented, is screaming, is destroying things)?
7. What if someone is harassing people walking by or obstructing entrance to a storefront?
8. What if I am concerned about a homeless encampment?
9. What is the best way to help the homeless?
10. What if someone is in need of clothing or shoes?
11. What if someone is hungry and asking for food or in need of a meal?
12. What if someone is homeless and in need of housing?
13. What if someone needs resources to stay in their current housing (security deposit, furniture, car repair funds, etc.)?
14. What if someone needs non-emergency medical attention?
15. What if someone is in need of mental health support?
16. What if someone is living on the street or in an encampment and needs general help?
17. What if a homeless person in not in the City of Napa, but elsewhere in Napa County?
18. What if a homeless person is a minor?
19. Who do I call if I see a someone being abused?
20. What success have we seen in Napa?