#5 - How will the election district boundaries be decided?
  • The City Council will take comments from residents and interested community groups at two public hearings to understand the community’s view of where district boundaries should be drawn. 
  • The City Council will then define the criteria they want a demographer to use in creating one or more proposed district maps. The demographer’s goal will be to draw map options that meet the criteria, and that takes into account comments from the community as prioritized by the City Council. 
  • The draft maps will be presented for public comment and review at two additional City Council public hearings. 
  • At those hearings, the City Council will provide further direction to the demographer, who will revise the map or maps, which will then go before the City Council for a final vote.
  • The City Council is required to establish district boundaries in accordance with State law (see FAQ #4)

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