Which flavored products fall into the exemption category?

Ordinance 0202-011 allows for exceptions to the prohibition of flavored tobacco products for specific products. These are limited to:

  • Flavored shisha tobacco products sold by a hookah tobacco retailer meeting State licensing and other requirements
  • Premium cigars meaning those that are handmade, not mass produced by use of mechanization, has a wrapper that is made entirely from whole tobacco leaf, does not have a filter, tip, or nontobacco mouthpiece and is capped by hand.
  • Loose leaf tobacco

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1. What is the new law on flavored tobacco products?
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4. Why are flavored tobacco products, including flavored cigarettes, a public health concern?
5. How are “tobacco product” and “characterizing flavor” defined in the law?
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7. Which flavored products fall into the exemption category?
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