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Napa Tourism Improvement District (TID) Funding Request Form

  1. Section A - General Application Information
  2. Nonprofit, For-profit, Governmental Agency

  3. Section B - Summary of Funding Request
  4. (Place 0 if this grant will be the sole funding source for this proposal)
  5. If your organization is receiving matching funds, please name the source. Place N/A if this is grant will be your sole funding source for this proposal.
  6. Names of individuals, agencies, or partner organizations that will help execute this proposal

  7. List similar projects your organization has successfully led. (Limit 600 characters)

  8. Please describe your project in more detail and how it will help advance the Napa TID's funding objectives. (Limit 1000 characters)

  9. Overnight Visitation*

    Is your project expected to draw a significant number of overnight visitors to the City of Napa Lodging properties?

  10. If not, please explain how your event will promote tourism and provide an overall guest enhancement for overnight visitors. (If you answered "Yes" to the prior question, type "N/A")

  11. Required Attachments

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  12. Please upload your proposal budget. (One page only)

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    Attach any visuals, letters of support, or additional project details to funding proposal (maximum of 2 pages). Not required for Interest Form submission.
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