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  1. Authority: Napa Municipal Code Section 2.96.020 - Disposal of Surplus Equipment, Supplies and Other Property
  2. The City Manager may, in writing, determine that equipment, supplies or other property owned by the City is no longer necessary or useful for City purposes, and authorize the City department to carry out the sale and/or exchange of said property on such terms as the City manager may direct. That responsibility has been delegated to the Finance Director by directive dated November 28, 1994.
  3. Do not submit this form for electronic/technology related items. Please contact IT for all telephone and computer related items requiring surplus disposition regardless of estimated value.
  4. The following items have a cumulative estimated value greater than $1,000 and have been determined no longer useful or City purposes. We request authorization to declasre same as surplus and dispose as indicated below. Disposition via online auction shall be coordinated through the Purchasing Division. Disposition methods include auction donation/transfer to another agency, waste facility or PD Transfer per MOU.
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    1. Finance Director 2. Accounting 3. Purchasing Manager 4. Originating Department
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