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Equipment/Supply Purchase Request

  1. Equipment / Supply Purchase Request
  2. Is This Purchase for Equipment and/or Supply? *
  3. Will Purchase Exceed $5,000?*
  4. Please Indicate When Item(s) Will Expire and Need Replacement By

  5. Should There be a Contract (Think Services)? *
  6. Exceptions - Please Provide Explanation as to Why Vendor is the Only One Able to Provide the Requested Goods or Services
  7. Are You Sure? Services That Don't Require a Contract Must be Deemed Low Risk.*
  8. Contact Admin to Determine if the Service is Low Risk.*
  9. Once approved, Admin will draft and route the agreement to Legal. Services can not be performed until there is an executed agreement. 

  10. Is This a Replacement of Lost or Damaged Equipment? *

    Please select NO when replacing items at end of life cycle or for routine replacement.  Life cycle/routine replacements should be as part of your annual budget plan submitted to your program manager.

  11. Part of submitted budget purchases for Fiscal Year?

    Is this part of your planned purchases submitted at the beginning of the fiscal year to your program manager?

  12. Does This Purchase Exceed the Allocated Program Budget for Fiscal Year?*

    If yes, approval from the Operations Division Chief is required. 

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