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Fire Department Online Solar Plan Submittal

    1. REVIEW the above solar plan submittal requirements and ensure all required information is on the solar plan prior to online submittal.
    2. UPLOAD (below) the solar plan for Fire Department review and approval.
    3. Once your uploaded plan has been received the Fire Plan Reviewer will conduct the online plan review for compliance. 
    4. If the solar plan is NOT APPROVED the Fire Plan Reviewer will contact the applicant via email with corrective comments for re-submittal.  
    5. Once the solar plan has been APPROVED the Fire Plan Reviewer will contact the applicant via email providing them with a digitally signed and Fire Department approved plan.
    6. PRINT (2) hard copies of your digitally signed Fire Department pre-approved plan.  
    7. SUBMIT your pre-approved plan IN PERSON to the City of Napa Building Division located at 1600 First Street for an over the counter Building Division plan review.
    8. Building permit application submittal, collection of fees and issuance of the "E" permit will be conducted by the Building Division. 
  2. * Be Advised - Only (1) set of plans will be accepted per upload. If multiple plan reviews are needed complete and submit an online form for each plan set. 

  3. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    I understand and agree that (i) electronically signing and submitting any document(s) to the City of Napa legally binds me in the same manner as if I had signed in a non-electronic or non-digital form, and (ii) the electronically stored copy of my signature, any written instruction or authorization and any other document provided to me by the City of Napa, is considered to be the true, accurate and legally enforceable record in any proceeding to the same extent as if such documents were originally generated and maintained in printed form. I agree not to contest the admissibility or enforceability of the City of Napa electronically stored copy of any other documents. By using the system to electronically sign and submit any document, I agree to the terms and conditions of this Electronic/Digital Signature Disclosure.

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