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Napa Fire Department Paramedic Internship Application

  1. Applications will be Processed Upon Receipt. Completed Applications will be Placed in the Department’s “Available” Intern File. Selection for Placement will be Based Upon Preceptor and Space Availability. The Napa Fire Department Paramedic Internship Coordinator will Contact You to Schedule an Interview and/or Ride Along. Thank you for Your Cooperation.
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  5. Program Emergency Contact Information

    The Person to Contact at the School in the Event of an Injury or Other Emergency

  6. Prior Internship Experience
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  8. Final Agreements, Disclaimer, and Signature
  9. I will be Thoroughly Knowledgeable of the Napa County EMS Protocols Prior to the Commencement of my Internship. I will Adhere to the Uniform Requirements Set by the Napa Fire Department; Dark BDU Style EMS Pants, School Uniform Shirt, Dark Work Boots With Steel Toe and an ID Badge. I will Come to my Internship Each Day With a Clean Uniform and be Well Groomed. I Certify That my Answers Throughout This Application are True and Complete to the Best of my Knowledge. If This Application Leads to an Internship, I Understand That False or Misleading Information in my Application or Interview May Result in my Release.
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