Robert Plummer

Police Department
Title: Police Chief
Police Chief Robert Plummer

Plummer is a retired Captain from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, where he proudly served the Las Vegas community for 27 years. Plummer's final assignment was the Bureau Commander for the Homicide and Sex Crimes Bureau. Chief Plummer had numerous duties within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Napa community.

Plummer was commander in a very diverse population and worked to bridge a healthy relationship between the police and community. He believes in a robust community-oriented policing program will help reduce crime and improve quality of life issues in a city. He has experience working with volunteer groups, community organizations, faith-based groups, business groups, as well as government and other law enforcement entities.

Plummer believes the youth are our future and as much positive interaction between the police and youth can only benefit relationships in the long term. During his time with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department, he started a little league baseball league in his command, and besides baseball, the kids received mentoring.

Robert is a graduate of the Northwestern Police and Command Staff College, Class 210. He has an Associates degree from Redland community college in Criminal Justice. A Bachelor’s Degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma and is in a graduate program at the University of Oklahoma.

Some of Chief Plummer’s off duty interests are attending church, traveling and experiencing different cultures, fishing, RV’ing, eating good food and drinking wine.


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